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Means of production

Talleres Llaneza is in a continuous investment in the best machinery, a highly qualified and motivated staff, and above all, a permanent objective of improvement and continuous improvement, which has been rewarded with certification in some of the most demanding quality standards.

Productive Means

At Talleres Llaneza we have the best specialized production processes, at the hands of a demanding staff and through the best technical means and infrastructures required by the market.

Maximum Manufacturing Capacities

  • Horizontal turning : Ø2000×8000
  • Vertical turning : Ø6500×3200
  • Milling: 8000x3000x1800
  • Boring : 13000x5000x2500
  • External Cylindrical Grinding: Ø1200×5800
  • Internal Cylindrical Grinding: Ø520×1000
  • Grinding of Flat Surfaces: 1700x600x450
  • Crane bridges: 5-100 T
  • Facilities Area: 15000 m2 cubiertos
  • Maximum height under Hook: 14 m
  • Gate maximum dimension: 8m x 7m
  • 60 employees